Elegance is also the attention of details, the accessories are essential for a complete look


Sartoria Concolato offers to its clients a wide selection of shirts, the men’s item of clothing par excellence. Each has its peculiar characteristics and the ideal moment to be worn. How to choose the perfect one?
One could believe that this item doesn’t allow much variation, and tends to be repetitive, but a watchful eye can note, beyond the differences of colours and patterns, the type of fabric, cuffs, collar.

The shirt collars in use are more than a hundred, and while complicated to recognize at the first sight, they manage alone to personalize this garment.
The most common varieties are the following:

The most common varieties


Italian collar

can be recognized for its long pointy flaps and for the b The shirt collars in use are more than a hundred button that closes it. Suitable for every occasion, especially when the tie is required.

French collar

very sophisticated, it has a net cut that shortens and stretches the flaps apart.

Button-Down collar

it’s characterized by two buttons that hold the flaps. Suitable for informal occasions, can be used with the tie.

Club collar

particular for its round flaps, typical in the Twenties, it has been back in fashion in the latest Seasons.

Pin Collar

it’s provided with a pin that unites the flaps to hold the tie knot (the use of tie is therefore mandatory). Popular in the US, it never really caught on in Europe.

Forward point collar

it used to be a business’ men prerogative, but today it is considered the appropriate choice for the most formal occasion (with tight, smoking/tuxedo or tailcoat).




The accessory that symbolizes men’s elegance is the tie: for some it can be but a detail, but for others is a signature. It may seem hard to differentiate oneself, but it’s actually possible to make up to 85 different knots. The different types of ties, then, offer a vast chance of personalization:



classic, one colour only



dots applied on a solid colour.



original colours, such as fluorescent ones.



various designs, expression of the imagination of its creator.



also called “Regimental”, it’s characterized by a predominant colour with oblique stipes of a different colour.

“Sentiment is all very well for the button-hole. But the essential thing for a necktie is style. A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life.”

Oscar Wilde

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