To give life to an item of excellence, all the processing steps contribute to tailor a custom made, unique suit.

Customer care attention to the client's taste and needs: these are the priorities when creating a haute couture item: the realization begins from the moment of encounter between the customer and tailor.

The tailor accompanies the client in the development of the garment, which is customized following his taste and desire. The fabric, the cut, the sleeves, buttons, lapels, everything is chosen by who will wear the suit, and everything contributes to the creation of a garment made by hand, which shows the craftsmanship of the best Italian tailoring tradition.



step 1 - Choice

During the first meeting, the tailor listens to the customer's requests and guides him in the choice of the model and fabric, in addition to details such as buttons and lining.

step 2 - Measurement

In this same meeting we move forward to one of the pivotal parts: the measurement, in which the client is the focus of the attention. The tailor registers his measures and the aspects of his posture, to further refine the apparel.

step 3 - Model

The tailor then prepares the model on paper, representing the cuts of fabric that will compose the suit.

step 4 - Draw

Following the paper pattern, the various components are drawn on the fabric using chalk.

step 5 - Cutting

The cutting of the fabric follows. The hand of the tailor accurately extracts the necessary pieces.

step 6 - Tacking

The next step is the realization of the tacking, the provisional seam which assembles the fabric cuts, before the first fitting.

step 7 - Fitting

First fitting: the customer wears the suit, and the tailor takes note of the details to correct any imperfection. If necessary, more fittings are carried out, up till the suit reaches the perfect shape.

step 8 - Delivery

Finally, the suit is tailored adding the details. It is then ironed for the last time, in order to enhance its shape, and the suit is ready for delivery.

The customer will wear a suit to which time and passion has been dedicated, the result of craftsmanship made by hand: the only way for a garment to be unique and perfectly suited to one's style.


50 hours are needed to custom-tailor a suit, 70 hours for a coat.

The delivery time to the client is 3 weeks.



The fabric is one of the most characterizing elements of the suit. The colour, weave, the possible varieties of combinations allow the client to obtain a custom-made, unique suit.

The tailor’s experience is fundamental in the choice of the right fabric, with technical characteristics appropriate to the needs of the client, guaranteeing structure, transpirability, crease-resistance, freshness.

The composition of a craft suit, in opposition to ready-made ones, allows the client to touch the fabrics before seeing the final product, and to perceive the degree of softness and portability, adjusting the choices to their desire.

We offer fabrics of these brands:


The brand can count on 350 years of activity, during which its pillars have remained unchanged: the fabric, the family, and its city of origin, always with an eye on the future thanks to the innovation drive and the sense of responsibility towards partners and colleagues.


this English company born in 1836 has kept an unvaried commitment in researching natural fibers of the finest and superior, to obtain excellent and top quality fabrics.


The brand is specialized in distributing exclusive fabric for men’s clothing. The title holder is the founder’s son: his strong sensibility leads him to personally and accurately select the material, and to a scrupulous care in the service.

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